Why RTT?

You may have spent countless hours and money trying other therapies to boost your confidence, lose weight, overcome fears, phobias, and addictions, or get out of depression, only to find that the process didn’t work, or worked for a short time only. This may have left you wondering if there is any hope that you can achieve your goals and get what you want.

I am here to tell you YES there is with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). RTT is an extremely powerful and effective stand alone technique originated by Marisa Peer, voted Britain’s top therapist. Using RTT we will work together to discover the core reasons behind why you haven’t overcome your issues.

RTT combines the most beneficial elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). But it differs from all of these treatments. During the RTT Session I take you deep into a very relaxed trance, helping you enter your subconscious mind, where all the answers are, and to pinpoint the limiting beliefs that holds you back. I will use regression to take you back to several of your memories from the past, which will help me learn where, when, how and why your current issue arose. The same realizations will help you understand the cause and the reason for your issue on a deeper level. After you become aware of your own unsupportive beliefs, patterns, thoughts, feeling and behaviours, we can step on the path to understanding, reprogramming, rewiring, re-imprinting  and changing them into their better, more supportive counterparts. That is when your inborn Power of Mind and Body appears.  RTT is designed to help you move past limiting, outdated belief systems quickly, and can result in rapid, profound, and lasting change. 

Having already been certified as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner,  Mental and Emotional Release Practitioner, I deepened my practice by training as an RTT therapist. My unique way of working is to use the skills I’ve gained, and in combination with my intuition and empathy tap into the phenomenal power of the human mind and help it to heal, be it mentally, emotionally or physically. My personal experience of suffering helps me to connect deeply with you to uncover the root of the problem, which often isn’t what you think it is.

My practice is dedicated to supporting and motivating you on your journey to reigniting your true potential and living a life you desire and love. Are you ready for the desired results and success?


Why we are all at the mercy of our beliefs

As newborn babies, we can be compared with brand-new computers, created without any programming other than the functional operating software installed.  As we grow, our experiences – positive and negative alike – are programs that we add along the way.

Our environment and experiences, or our perception of those experiences, can change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we see the world. This is how our unique personalities are created.

Imagine two different people, one who believes the world is a loving place, the other who feels that the world is a scary and dangerous place.  You can easily understand how these differing beliefs will completely change the behavior of each person, and this is a simple way of illustrating how we are all at the mercy of our beliefs


Beliefs control actions

It is said that it isn’t what happens to you that shapes you, but the meaning you attach to your experiences.  In essence, these meanings we attach are how our beliefs come into being.

As children, we see events from an immature perspective that may well have worked at the time.  However, hanging on to those outdated, childish beliefs can limit your enjoyment of life, and can even be detrimental to your health and well-being as an adult.

Fortunately, we all have free will, and happily, our beliefs are ours to change!   Yet without the right insight, discovering how, where, when and why a belief has been formed can be extremely difficult.

Break free with RTT!

They say knowledge is power.  In therapy, understanding is power.

This is because when you begin to understand how your mind works, you will become truly empowered.  As you discover the real reasons behind pain, dissonance or whatever is holding you back in life, you will be armed with the knowledge and understanding that will permanently release you from outdated and negative beliefs.

The first simple stage of an RTT session is regression, during which you will be taken back to where your beliefs or conclusions have been formed.

We will then quickly identify and permanently transform negative thoughts.  It can sometimes help to think that with RTT we are rewinding time, effectively parenting that hurt child with the knowledge we have gained in maturity.

In essence, RTT can be compared with ‘human IT’, in that we discover the cause of the problem and then get to work on repairing the software in the organic computer, known as your mind.

Your mind knows exactly how, where, when and why you arrived at feeling the way you do, and it has created behaviour that mirrors your subconscious beliefs.  Stored in your mind’s memory are those exact moments that shaped what you believe and how you feel.


Change occurs quickly

It’s a common belief that change is a slow process.  If we consider that it only takes seconds to become traumatised, why would it take years to remove that trauma?

RTT successfully defies that belief, and with good reason.  If you are suffering from negative beliefs or trauma, you have surely already suffered enough by the time you decide to seek help.  My opinion is that long therapy sessions, during which you relive your trauma over and over again, can be counterproductive.

RTT is centred around permanently healing trauma and changing beliefs in a powerful and transformational way that allows you to live your life free from anxiety and negative thoughts.

It is only when we let go of our negative beliefs that we can return to life’s default setting, and live our best lives in the process.  

In this short video Marisa Peer (Pioneering Hypnotherapist) explains more about RTT and how it can help you.

RTT goes from strength to strength...

Rapid Transformational Therapy has won two prestigious Stevie awards. They were created in 2002 to honour and give public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organisations and working professionals worldwide. Winning two of these accolades demonstrate RTT’s effectiveness and provide recognition for its success.